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Novice Prep Clinic...Day Four

School was in…and we don’t mean text books and pencils because OH MY LANTA, our crossover review was amazing!!! Pretty sure you Guys and Gal skipped school to work on getting the outside knee over the inside knee, PLUS, you all aced the pop quiz…that’s right a crossover is 2 equal pushes, A+! After the circles took a beating from all the ripping into the ice we jumped into quick “V” starts, remember class…BEND THOSE KNEES! Forward to backward then forward again…a breeze! Those blue lines didn’t have a mark on them after all those smooth transitions…let your head lead, open up, heel to heel and pivot!

To end the session off Coach Lee and the Okanagan Boys had a new game for the group…a fast paced action packed stick carrying relay race, it was a tight one but after video review the officials gave the win to Team Yellow (there was no cheating by Coach Dan, none at all)! Great work again out there team, for some that was the last session before evaluations so thank-you, for the rest one more to go!! Who knows…maybe a puck will be spotted on the ice?!

Coach Lee & Coach Dan

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