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Shake Off the Dust...Day Two

HDL Timbits Day 2 has come and gone….WOW, Coach Lee and Coach Dan were super impressed with how everyone improved in just one day! Today we tried our luck with some glide turns and backwards walking/skating. Remember keep your head up and upper body straight when going in reverse, after that drop your bottom hand and you're off to the races! Oh and that twig in your hands…let it lead you into the turn, stick first! Get some rest as day 3 we will be tackling some quick starts, then into everyone’s favourite…forward sculling, wait sculling? Ohhh, BUBBLES! After we have mastered bubbles let’s try some gliding lifting a foot, easy you say…well how about around a pylon! Of course we will most likely end off with the smash hit, noodle tag…but look out, I hear Coach Lee and Coach Dan may have extra noodles!

Great job out there today team, see you all tomorrow!

Coach Lee and Coach Dan

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