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Shake Off the Dust...Day Three

It was Hump Day for the Timbits today and with that brought an eager group ready to move! After a quick review of putting on the brakes with our new snowplowing skills the group jumped right into 2 foot glide turns around the cones….remember team, the stick is your steering wheel let it guide you into the turn AND both feet on the ice! Heels Together….that was the sound coming from the coaches as the skaters got into the “V” position preparing us for full ice sculling, oh right…BUBBLES! Heads up and no bobbing…right!? From there Coach Lee and Coach Dan thought some jumping around was in order and no not on the bed or House of Pain style. They meant 2 foot jumps over the blue lines, and WOW were they impressed, just remember to jump and land with bended knees. Lastly the skaters got to try one foot gliding, with a little more knee bend this will be a snap! Rumour is we have a birthday on the ice tomorrow so if that’s you get ready! Great job out there today team, can’t wait to jump on the ice tomorrow to see what’s in store.

Coach Lee and Coach Dan

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