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Novice Prep Clinic...Day One

And like that….the Novice Prep Clinic kicked off tonight!

20 Novice kids hit the ice and were flying! Coach Lee and Coach Dan had to rein them in a few times as it was clear they were pretty excited to be back on the ice. There was lots of chatter on the ice as old teammates hooked back up, with that out of the way the kids were put through a series of skating drills including some forward stride refreshers, backward “C” cutting, and tight 180 degree turns.

We were very impressed with the level of skating…hats off to those Timbit coaches that obviously did a great job with the kids last year! Remember, you are faster, stronger, and well, you look a heck of a lot better when your knees are bent. Where does that bottom hand go when you are skating backwards…that’s right…get it off the stick and up!

Lastly, 2 SKATES ON THE ICE WHEN TIGHT TURNING, oooops was I yelling? Maybe just a bit, stick leads, 2 feet down and lean into that turn.

Day 2 will be here before you know it, let’s all try to listen and focus on the little things within the skill, otherwise the dreaded “Climb The Mountain” looms!

Coach Lee & Coach Dan

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