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Shake Off the Dust...Day One

Hello Hockey DL Fans! Night one of The Timbits Shake off the Dust Clinic is in the books! 20 eager and bright eyed first and second year Timbit players hit the ice decked out in their new HDL yellow and red jerseys with big smiles. Coach Lee and Coach Dan had a blast putting them through the paces keying on proper stance, stride and some one foot snow plow stops. Day one was capped off with a Red vs Yellow relay, that saw Team Red narrowly inch out Team Yellow! Day 2 will introduce some glide turns, backward walking, 2 foot glides into some jumps at the lines showing off the players balance, and getting the skates into the proper position for explosive starts! Heads up….noodle tag is coming!

Check our blog daily during clinics!

Coach Lee and Coach Dan


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