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Puck Skills 2016

Dangle, toe drag, snipe and bar down…these were only a few things seen at HockeyDL’s weekend Puck Skills Clinic!

45 Novice and Atom aged kids took to the ice to hone their skills with a puck and after seeing what we saw…be afraid goalies! The skaters had the chance to show off their moves in a series of flow drills that had them keeping their heads up as they weaved through the cones while controlling the biscuit. Remember…we handle the puck not push and chase, also hockey is a fast game and happens in front of you, get those eyes up off the puck.

We want to thank the players for giving it a 100% on the ice, we hope you picked up a trick or two and to the parents for allowing the kids to be on the ice with us!

Coach Lee & Coach Dan

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