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Shake Off the Dust...Day Four

Day 4?? Wow, time flies when your snow plowing, “C” cutting, glide turning, line jumping, 2 foot to 1 foot gliding, and well having FUN!! Today we had a birthday girl lap, great job Sophia!

Kids what can we say, Coach Lee and Coach Dan are blown away with how ell everyone is doing, you all mastered the one foot glide around the cones today and those line jumps showing off the balance…let’s just say good thing the roof is so high at Winsport or we’d be busting our helmets through, just remember keep those knees bent!

Tomorrow is our last day….bummer!! Oh well, the smiles have been big, the ears have been open and all 20 of you are ready to take Timbits by Storm!

For day 5 keep your eyes open as you may see some tight turns, the odd crossover and just maybe 2 foot stops!

Coach Lee and Coach Dan

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