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Novice Prep Clinic...Day Two

Oh My Goodness!!! Tonight’s session was amazing Guys and Gal !!

First, Coach Lee and Coach Dan want to give you all a big pat on the back for your much improved listening skills…22 sets of eyes were glued to the Coaches while giving instruction, way to go team!

After a quick warm-up we jumped right into the review,we must say your 180 degree turns are lights out and those “C” cuts going forward and backwards…perfection! Just remember, stick leads you into those turns and keep your upper body up while ripping into the ice! Next on the list was backward snowplow stops, we started off a bit shaky but had heels to heels in no time after a few reps…again great job! Last skill was 2 foot stops, we eased into it with some “T” pushes then snapping the feet together...which you guys mastered right away. Then it was full blown 2 foot stops on the line and O M G…NAILED IT! Knocked those out of the park!!! Remember, skate, glide, turn your head, lift a bit, turn, then bend those knees and sit into the stop.

Again…WAY TO GO team, great skate out there tonight, tomorrow we will tackle cross overs so be ready!

Coach Lee & Coach Dan

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